Article 001

                                                    “The Attack on Key Verses By False Versions of the Scripture”           

 This article is a short, simplistic critique of the awful attack on the word of God by the newer false versions of the Bible.  When we say “newer versions”, we simply mean any version in print today that is not the King James Bible.  If this statement bothers you, then at least be man enough (or woman enough) to read this article, see the facts and then reject the Truth if you wish.  Nothing is worse than a “so called Christian” who denies and argues against something when he has never studied what the facts are in the case.  “Prove all things” are the words of Paul to us.  
Let’s begin “in the beginning"

(Gen. 1:1) “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  Seems easy enough, right?  Not for every other version in America today!   Depending on which fake version you may have, the verse will read something like this – “In the beginning God created (or made) the heavens and the earth”.  See the difference?  Look at the word “heaven” vrs. “heavens”.  In the KJB God created “heaven”, one heaven in the beginning.  In the fake versions they’ve got Him creating more than one.  Now we know there are three heavens according to 2 Cor. 12:2, but not all three are created “in the beginning” of Genesis chapter 1.  How do we know?  Simple – Look at Genesis 2:1 – “the HEAVENS and the earth…”  See that?  God said “heaven” in chapter 1 and “heavens” in chapter 2.  Why?  In Genesis 1:1 God created the 3rd heaven where Paul ascended to (2 Cor. 12), then beginning in verse 6 you’ll find God creating the firmament, which includes the 1st and 2nd heavens; which are the sky above us and outer space.  So, if you believe the fake versions, then you have God creating all three heavens in Gen. 1:1 and then creating more in the rest of chapter 1, thus making more than the 3 heavens Paul said there were.  Funny, the fake bibles can’t make it through the first verse in the Bible without messing everything up. 

(Psalm 12:6, 7).  “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”   There is no way to miss that!  God promised to preserve His “WORDS” (not just His WORD in general, but His WORDS) to all generations.  Well, maybe not if you believe the fake versions.  Depending on what piece of trash you have, verse 7 will read something like this – “You will keep us, O Lord…”  See that?  The blatant, obvious attack on the preservation of the “words” of God?  God promised to preserve His “words” forever, so the new versions simply take that promise out by inserting “us” for “words”.  Dishonest and crooked!  If God did preserve His “words”, then the new versions couldn’t make money, so out with that promise from God.  Wicked! 

(Isaiah 14:12) “How art thou fallen from heaven, o Lucifer…”  Here we have the fall of Lucifer from the 3rd heaven.  This is when he becomes the devil.  Before that he was the 5th cherub hovering above the throne (Ezek. 28).  “Lucifer” mean “light bearer”.  Thus we have “luciferians” (a kind of devil worship) and the illuminati (meaning to illuminate or give light).  These are all Satan worshipers.  Well, if you have a new version though, Isa. 14 is referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Depending on your flavor of the month it will read something like this – “How are you fallen from heaven, O Morning Star…”  WOW – They call Satan the “Morning Star”.  Do you know who the “Morning Star” is?  How about the phrase “The  Bright and Morning Star, the fairest of ten thousand to my soul”?  Does that ring a bell? Jesus Christ is the Morning Star (Revelation 22:16).  Do you see that?  The fake versions call Satan the Lord Jesus!  BLASPHEMY at its worst!  Do you really want to read that kind of hellish trash? 

(Daniel 3:25) “…and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God”.  Here the three Hebrew boys are cast in the fiery furnace.  The king looks in and sees Jesus Christ in there with them.  Well, let’s rephrase that, if you use the fake, Satanic versions, then the king doesn’t see Jesus, he simply sees a false deity from Babylon.  Depending on your choice of comic books it will read something like this – “… and the fourth is like a son of the gods”.  Please tell me you see the blasphemy in that!  Jesus is “a son of the gods”?  NO HE IS NOT!  He is the Son of God, “God manifest in the flesh” 

(1 Timothy 3:16).  The fake versions commit rank blasphemy against Jesus Christ! (Luke 2:33) “…Joseph and his mother…”  Here the KJB obviously makes a difference between Joseph and Jesus’ real Father, GOD.  Depending on the junk your reading it will go something like this – “…his father and his mother…”  Really?  Joseph is our Lords father?  NO HE AINT!  The fake versions attack Jesus’ deity once again.  Blasphemy. 

(1 John 5:7) “There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”  This is the clearest verse in the entire Bible on the Godhead, the Trinity.  So why would the fake versions not jump on this also?  They do.  Depending on your choice of toilet paper, it will read like this – “_________________________________________________________”.  The end.  They don’t just add to or subtract from this verse, oh no, they completely remove it!  They split verse 8 in half and make half of it into a fake verse 7.  They completely rob verse 7 from the text.  Why?  Because Satan hates the Godhead!  AND Satan is in charge of these fake versions!  Once again, BLASPHEMY! 

Now, we conclude with this thought.  These are just six examples of over 30,000 changes from the KJB in the fake versions.  If you have an honest heart toward God, you will see the open, blatant attack on the Scripture by these fake versions and you’ll throw them in the trash and love Gods word, the King James Bible.  Nothing uplifts the lovely Lord Jesus Christ like the King of books, the King James Bible.  

Praise the Lord for HIS BIBLE!   

Article 002

“The Greek Texts Behind the English translations of the Scriptures”

 This article is one in a series written in defense of the King James Bible.  We make no apology for our belief and /or our defense of the Book that saved us from hell.  We believe that the King James Bible (yes, the one we have right now) is the very word and words of God Almighty. 

This article is a very short, but 100% factual article on where the different translations came from.  We will begin with the only One that is right, the KJB.

1) Beginning in 1605 and finishing in 1611, the King James Bible was translated from what is called the “Textus Receptus” greek text.  This greek text is also called “the Majority Text”.   It’s origin is traced all the way back to Antioch of Syria, which is an area just north of the 12 tribes of Israel on the North / East side of the Mediterranean Sea.  Is this important, and if so, why?  YES – It is vitally important!  Why?  Well, let’s check out the Scriptures to see why.

In Acts 11 saved people are called “Christians” for the very first time.  Guess where they were at when they were called “Christians”?  You guessed it, Antioch. 
In Acts 13 the first missionaries were sent out by their local church.  Guess where they were sent out from, and where they reported back to?  You guessed it, Antioch. 
Paul the Apostle is the Apostle God chose to give the New Testament mysteries to, and the one God chose to give us the “Gospel of the Grace of God” (Rom. 15, Gal. 2:7, 8).  Where did Paul’s membership belong to? Antioch (Acts 13, that’s where he was sent from and where he reported back to).

On and on we could go, but this is sufficient for anyone who wants the truth to see that Antioch is the home base for New Testament Doctrine.  Jerusalem is not the place for New Testament Doctrine, as God was finished with Jerusalem in Acts 7, when Stephen was stoned.  Not one miracle is ever done in Jerusalem after Stephen was killed.  God then moved to the gentiles. 

So, it would make perfect sense for anyone who is honest to see that the example of how to run a local church came out of Antioch, the example for the modern missions program came from Antioch, and that New Testament, local church doctrine came from Antioch.  So we can trust the Greek text that came from there also.

 2) Now we move to the per-versions of the Scripture, the NIV, ASV, NKJV and any other version other than the KJB. 

These fake bibles come from a Greek text which is called the “vaticanus text” or the “siniaticus text”.  Examine that first title closely, “vaticanus”.   What, or more importantly, WHERE does that make you think of?  It reminds you of the Vatican, the home of the blaspheming pontiff.  Why?  Simple, the new versions of the Scripture are from roman catholic Greek texts which have their origin in a place called Alexandria, Egypt.  Alexandria is in the North east corner of Egypt.  Is this important? YES.  Why is this important?  Because:

-God called Abram out of Egypt
-God called Moses out of Egypt
-God called Israel out of Egypt
-God called Joseph and Mary out of Egypt
-Egypt is the biggest type of the world and its system in the entire Bible.  Any Sunday school kid knows this. 

Egypt is always, ALWAYS negative and bad in the Bible for God’s people.  There was a man named Origen (he is the origin of all false doctrine by the way) who ran the first “Christian university” in Alexandria back around A.D. 200.  He translated the Books of the Bible into a six column bible, with each column containing a different translation that he wrote.  To make an incredibly long story short, being led of Satan, Origen then put this trash into circulation.  Thus became the false Greek texts that the catholic church would grab onto and peddle on the world.  Every English version out there, except for the KJB, is from these trashy Greek texts. 

Origen denied Creation, the virgin birth, the deity of Christ and a bunch of other Bible doctrines.  Why would any God loving Christian trust that heretic?  ANSWER- They wouldn’t. 

So to sum it all up, you have two Greek texts running down through history.  One from Antioch and the Apostles, and one from a heretic who wasn’t even saved.  One from God, one from Satan.  The devil always imitates God and he did it again by writing his own wicked bibles. 

Now we do not preach from or even study any Greek text, we believe the King James Bible is God’s word without the Greek.  The study of where the right Bible comes from is important though, so we can find the error and devilment in the fake versions and try to help someone get away from them. 

The King James Bible is God’s word without any mistakes or errors.  The other versions are Satanic.  Psalms 12:6, 7 tells us that God has preserved His word in every generation, now where do you honestly believe it’s preserved at today?  Only one can be God’s word.  Two Bibles that disagree cannot both be right.  God’s word is the King James Bible!

Article 003

This short article is the most important issue of not only our day, but of all time!  We are going to deal with the issue of “The Scripture”.  2 Timothy 3:16 says: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God…”  Now the question arises – Do you have “the Scripture”?  I, without a doubt, do have it in my possession!  People in American churches today have treated this subject with little to no respect.  If “all scripture is given by INSPIRATION of God”, then in order to be Scripture, it must be “given by inspiration”!  Now this may sound like a small detail to modern day “Christians”, but that’s because modern day “Christians” care more about “feeling good” than they do the TRUTH. 

On our radio program we have devoted many broadcasts to this subject.  A lot of people have responded by email and calls; usually with positive response.  This tells me that there are still a few folk left out there who do love the TRUTH.  John 17:17 says – “thy word is truth”.  In other words, the SCRIPTURE is absolute TRUTH!  Do you have “the SCRIPTURE”? 

Most folk believe that “the scripture” Paul is referring to was the “original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts”, but this isn’t necessarily so.  In the previous verse (v. 15) Paul told Timothy that he HAD the SCRIPTURE in his possession.  Not only this, but in Acts 8:32 the Ethiopian Eunuch had “the scripture” in his hands.  Now, did Timothy and the Eunuch have the “original manuscripts” in their possession?  NO THEY DIDN’T!   They had copies of copies of copies of the originals.  Yet they were “scripture” according to the “scripture” itself.  So in the direct context of 2 Timothy 3:15-16 “the scripture” is not the originals.

Now we know that the “originals” were “given by inspiration, but the direct context of the passage is not referring to them.  You’d have to be blind as a bat not to see that!  Do you have “the scripture”?  If your answer is “yes”, then what you have is “given by inspiration”, or else it IS NOT “the scripture”.  See that?  We are using “the scripture” to prove “the scripture” right. 

It’s a simple question – do you have “the scripture”?  If you believe that your Bible has one mistake, or one mistranslation in it, then you don’t have “the scripture”!  Plain and simple, isn’t it? 

People are weird in American churches today.  They say – “I have the Scripture”, or – “The scripture says this”, all the while not really believing that their Bible is preserved perfect without mistake.  If you are REALLY honest, you will either believe that the Bible you have is “scripture” or it isn’t.  It is either “given by inspiration” or it’s not.  There is no middle ground if you believe what the Book says about itself!

We believe without a doubt that the King James Bible is “scripture” “given by inspiration of God”.  You may say – “how can a translation be inspired”?  Answer – Because God said so, that’s how.  He said He would “preserve” His word with “pure words” for ever (Psalm 12:6,7).  Now either He did or He lied.  Which do you believe?  We choose to believe God did not lie!

 Men write new versions of the Bible and change the promise of “preservation” given in Psalm 12 because they are greedy people who care nothing about God’s word, “the scripture”.  Then they call it “scripture” even though they do not believe it’s “given by inspiration”.  They say – “no translation can be inspired”.  Now, think for a minute, where did God say that a translation could not be inspired.  Answer – He didn’t!  As a matter of fact, God did say that Timothy and the Eunuch DID HAVE THE SCRIPTURE, and that was not ‘the originals”.  Wow, someone forgot to read ‘the scripture” that God gave them to find out about “the scriptures”. 

 Now we are not ignorant of men’s motives(1 Timothy 6:3, 1 Timothy 6:10 – changed in every new bible).  The reason they pull this double talk (saying they have scripture even though they really don’t believe that they do) is to get rid of God’s FINAL AUTHORITY!  If you really believe that the King James Bible is “given by inspiration”, then you’ll accept every word in it as being from God.  That means that when it crosses your flesh, you’ll accept its authority over you and your education.  BUT – if you don’t believe the words of the KJB, then you’ll change it thus making YOU the FINAL AUTHORITY over Gods word.  Where do you stand?  We accept the KJB as God’s final authority over our thoughts, all churches and all “so called” Christian colleges.  Why?  Because it is “the Scripture”  -  “given by inspiration”. 

If you refuse to believe the TRUTH (“thy word is truth”, not just a cheap translation), then at least be honest enough to say that the Bible you have is not “scripture” because it’s not “given by inspiration of God”, it’s just a cheap translation.  There, plain and simple, isn’t it.  THANK GOD for “the Scripture” that IS “given by inspiration”!  

Article 004

“The King James Bible Cannot Be Perfect Because a Translation Cannot Be Inspired!  Right?”

In this article we are going to examine the silly notion that translations of the Bible CANNOT be inspired.  I say silly because by the time we are finished with this article, you will realize that this is just another ploy of Satan to destroy people’s faith in the TRUE Scripture (KJB).PROMISE 
First, the question must be asked, do you believe the promise of God in Psalm 12:6,7 to preserve His word as “pure words” for “all generations” or not?  In plainer words, did God do what He said He would do, or did He lie?  Well, as a Bible believer, of course I believe with all my heart that God cannot lie (Titus 1)!  
God DID promise in Psalm 12:6, 7 to preserve His word as “PURE WORDS” for all generations.  Someone will say, “Yeah, He has preserved it forever in heaven”, to which I’d respond – you need to learn how to read!  Psalm 12:6 plainly says “in the furnace of EARTH”, not heaven.

So in this article we will study with full assurance of the fact that God did PRESERVE His word as “pure words!"

So now, having said all that, where did He preserve it (God’s word)?  ANSWER – He preserved it exactly where He always has had His word!  In the universal language of that day!  In Old Testament times God and His people worked through the Hebrew language, thus the Old Testament is written almost entirely in Hebrew.  Later the main language of the day was Greek, thus the New Testament being written in Greek.  Got the point yet?   God did not write the Book of Leviticus in Spanish because no one cared about Spanish at that time.  God gives His word to man to read, not to look at and wonder what it says because it’s not in your language!  Simple enough

There have been seven main UNIVERSAL languages throughout world history beginning with Hebrew and ending today with ENGLISH!  Please note that every nation in the world teaches English in their schools.  Every airport in the world has English instructions in it.  They do not all have Russian or French.  Nor do they all have Chinese or Spanish, but they do ALL HAVE ENGLISH.  Why?  Because English time has been the standard time for the world for the past century.  English money has been the financial standard for the past century.  Our government, military, education, science, medication and on and on we could go, has been the standard and authority for the rest of the world!  English is the universal language today and has been for some time!  

God knew this during the ending years of the dark ages (500 – 1500 A.D.), so He began moving governments and different things around to place His perfect, INSPIRED pure words into the final day universal language, ENGLISH!  He put a man on the throne of the “headquarters” of the English department, ENGLAND (which is where perfect time is set – perfect location is set, latitude and longitude) named King James.  James means “Jacob”.  What’s important about that?  Check out Romans 3:2 and you’ll see that “the oracles of God” belong to the Jews.  Guess where the “Jews” came from – ANSWER – JACOB.  His name was changed to “Israel” (Genesis 32:28).  So God waited until He had a man on the throne that produced and propagated the last day DOMINANT UNIVERSAL language (English) with a JEWISH NAME to translate His word into that dominant universal language.  Got it?  It’s simple once you lay it all out in history.  God’s word (Oracles) must come through the Jews (Rom. 3), so God put a man with a JEWISH NAME on the throne of England to AUTHORIZE the translation of His word from the prior universal languages into the final one!  God is GREAT!

Now with all that in mind it is a little silly to even ask if a translation can be inspired, but we will answer that question with the only source we attempt to answer all questions with, the Bible itself – having full assurance and confidence in its authority and accuracy!  

Many false prophets of today love to ask questions for the reason of raising doubt about God’s word.  This should be proof enough that they are FALSE PROPHETS, but the problem is that God’s people are so ignorant of what God really said in His word that they can’t tell a false preacher from a real man of God!  They stand behind their pulpits and arrogantly project that “the good ole King James Version cannot be inspired because it’s simply a translation. They say, It’s a good one with beautiful Elizabethan language that rings with poetic and beautiful melody, but PERFECT?  Why of course not, it’s a translation, and everyone knows a translation cannot be inspired”.  

If you believe that then a lot of the original Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament are not inspired! Check out where Joseph and Pharaoh are talking in Genesis 41, or where Moses and Pharaoh are talking in Exodus 5, guess what you’ll find – Pharaoh is speaking to them in the Egyptian language, but when Moses pens it down in the original Old Testament, he does so in HEBREW.  Thus we have a translation!  Egyptian to Hebrew, and that’s in the ORIGINAL HEBREW TEXT!  So if a translation cannot be inspired, then many parts of the original text are not even inspired!  WOW, explain that.  You cannot explain it unless you agree that a translation can be inspired.  

Not only that, but check this out – In Matthew 1:23 it states that “a virgin shall be with child”.  That is a quote from Isa. 7.  Isaiah is written in Hebrew – then Matthew translates it to Greek in the original Matthew.  SO if a translation cannot be inspired, many portions of the original New Testament are not inspired!  Almost every writer in the New Testament quotes the Old Testament, and that is a Hebrew to Greek translation every time!  

So you see, this stupid argument is just another trick by Satan to deceive and tear down the faith of believers in Gods Holy word, the King James Bible!  Nowhere does the Bible say a translation cannot be inspired, NOWHERE!  BUT – the Bible DOES WITHOUT A DOUBT, give example after example that God DOES inspire translations over and over.  Try 2 Timothy 3:15 for example – Paul told Timothy that he knew the “HOLY SCRIPTURES” from a child, yet Timothy did not have the originals, he had copies of copies of copies…  Satan never slows down his attack on the one BOOK he hates – KJB!
The King James Bible is “given by inspiration” because it is Scripture!  It is the “PRESERVATION of God’s PURE WORDS” promised in Psalm 12 in the 7th and final world language, ENGLISH.  

Long live the King!