Victory Baptist Church            

Welcome to Victory Baptist Church 
8974 South S. R. 67 
Camby, IN 

Pastor Tony York 

This is a Church like no other church in our area!!!!  We believe in ONE Bible, and ONE alone - The King James Bible, and YES, we mean the One we have right now!!!!  We believe and KNOW that it is "given by inspiration of God", and no other English version is.  If you dont agree, then shame on you! 

Check out our articles on this subject on the "articles" page. 

              We also believe in old time worship and "shoutin' it out" in our services.  

Central Indiana is a dry spot for real Bible believers, but thanks be unto God for Victory Baptist Church where you can get saved, LEARN "the Book" and praise the Author of the Book every service!
Sunday School for children - 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Preaching Service - 10:30 AM
Sunday Night-5 PM         
Wednesday Bible Study - 7 PM

Listen to us on the Radio:

We are on every Sunday morning from 8:30am to 9am (est) on 95.9 FM or 950 AM.
You should be able to hear this station in the central Indiana area.
You can also stream live by clicking on link and selecting Listen Live.

We have  radio cd's available to you.  They include subjects from
  • "Eternal Security", 
  • "The Blood Atonement", 
  • "The Diety of Christ", 
  • "Why the King James Bible is God's word",
  • "Why the new translations of the Bible are Satanic"
  • plus more.
All radio cd's are free of charge to you.  We will mail them to you as soon as you ask us to, so get to asking!  Just contact us, include your name, address, and which CD's you would like. Mail your request to:

Victory Baptist Church
P.O. Box 185
Camby, IN 46113

or email:

We are now able to take donations for our radio broadcasts on our website, just go to the Radio Ministries tab and click on the "donate" button to do so. 

Check out our Events page for upcoming events.

We praise God for saving many people in our Church over the past few months!  God is still in the saving buisness.  When the word of God (KJB!!!!) is PREACHED to people without "tip toeing through the tulips", sinners will get saved!  God honors the PREACHING of His word!!  Always has, always will! 

Brother Sonny Tolbert is an evangelist out of our Church.  He is the one of the very best, true Evangelists in America!  If you want him to come preach in your church (and you should),contact us and we will get you information on how to reach him.

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